Our Coaches

Technical Director/General Manager

Milton Crespo

Head Coach Rev-16s – Nike / 22 Years of Coaching Experience

Coaching / Experience Background includes:
1. Head Coach at FPVF (Puerto Rico Professional League) – 10 years
2. Coach of the Year at FPVF (2010)
3. Head Coach at University of Puerto Rico Bayamon -7 years
4. Head Coach at Club Level (Club Vaqueras de Bayamon and Team Indiana Volleyball Club) – 15 years
5. Head Coach at High School Level – 10 years
6. Professional Volleyball Player-LPVM – 4 years

20 Years PE Teacher (Department of Education of PR and

Favorite Quote:
“There may be people who have more talent than you, but there’s no
excuse for anyone to work harder than you do-and believe in that.”
– Derek Jeter